Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seven Months Married...Blogging Commenced!

Since the wedding, I have been intending to start a blog. ANNNNNNNND obviously have not! So here it begins.

Abridged update: Ben works for Alix Partners, a consulting firm, and travels to Detroit Monday-Thursday every week. While the traveling isn't our favorite part of his job, we are thankful for what he is learning and the provision it gives. After the wedding I took time to travel over the summer visiting friends and family while Ben was traveling to Motor City!

Now I am in the full fledged job search mode, and although I tried to convince myself that lots of down time was's just not me. So I have gotten involved with the Pi Phi Young Alum Club in Dallas that meets once a month and the Arkansas Alumni Group!

After visiting several Dallas churches, we have been led to The Village Church. We are attending The Village Church and have been immensely blessed by the experience. We are going through the membership class in March and are so excited about our new homegroup led by one of my friends and sorority sister's older sister. It is a total God connection, and we are so thankful for it.

I still refer to periods of the year as semesters. Therefore, last semester I spent kind of looking for jobs, kind of going to Hot Springs when Ben was gone, kind of getting involved in things down here and so on. But THIS SEMESTER, I have pledged to be a full fledged Dallas resident. And have been hot on the job trail. I had a couple interviews in the Fall, but those offices were lacking in the 'follow up after someone takes the time to interview with you' area. I have recently applied for a position as and Alumnae Relations and Event Coordinator for the North Texas Girl Scout Headquarters and numerous other things, but that is the one I am most excited about now! We shall see! Oh what a joy it will be to have a job and something to put all of my energies into.

So, here we months into the married life....seeing each other so little has been a mixed blessing. We HATE not being together, but LOVE how much we have grown in Christ and as a couple together. We are having to be so much more intentional about talking and spending time together. He's teaching us to value our time with each other.

Update complete....Funny Story: Tonight I went with two other Arkansas grads: Kelsey Hency and Emily Burkhead to the Hog Basketball watch party hosted by the Razorback Club. Literally, the three of us and three middle-aged men. Long table...the three of them on one side when we arrived: thus, we each sat across from one of them. It looked like the oddest blind date show ever made.