Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, all of my resume sending and cover letter drafting has finally paid off! I applied for the Alumnae Coordinator and Event Planning position with the Girl Scout's of Northeast Texas office last week, and I still hadn't heard a thing as of today. So I decided to email the HR director directly rather than the traditional thing. And it worked!

I emailed at 10:30 and got a call from a very nice lady at 3:30 asking me to come in for an interview tomorrow! I sent a sort of non-traditional cover letter will ALL CAPS sections and bullets and such. Ben said he thought it was pretty aggressive, and I thought...perfect! I really want this position and feel like it is what God has prepared me for. I am a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and all my college experience was in Alumni and Events. More to come about this, but I am very excited for the time being!

Also, prayers for my Grandma who is in the hospital again. She has been building up fluids on her pacemaker, and they just realized that is what is making her feel so bad. So, it's exciting that hopefully this will get her to feeling better soon.

And I'm very ready for the Bachelor watch party tonight!! WAHOO!