Monday, March 1, 2010

A lack of jobs leads to Law School?!

Well, the job search has been unfruitful thus far. And this has led me to reanalyze my options and pray alot. I am currently applying for nanny positions and starting to buy my books to study for the LSAT! Another thing I don't enjoy purchasing...Boring books! But I know these will be the sort of books that will benefit my life eventually, so I will buy and I will read. It's nice to sort of have a direction.

Please pray for one of our best friends, Heather Phillips, as she heads to the Peace Corps on Tuesday! We couldn't be more excited about the opportunities she is going to have and the change she is going to help bring to the Dominican Republic.

We had a wonderful weekend in Fayettenam celebrating a friend's bridal shower and sending Heather off to the DR. A hot vacay destination that we will sure be visiting within the next 27 months! It was a fantastic couple of days and made me remember how much I love my Fayetteville friends. Many of which aren't in Fayetteville anymore, but it's the place that brings us together.

Oh, and also, since I posted last we saw Ben Rector live in concert for his new Album "Into the Morning" buy it now! It really is wonderful.

And Ben is going to Hotlanta tomorrow to get his CIRA certification. I don't understand it, so google it if you are curious! Change of scenery from DETROIT so that's the plus in my book.

Hope to update more, so my updates are not just life catch ups and can contain interesting thoughts and ramblings...I have many and that is my intention for this blog!


  1. Yay! Glad to know this blog exists! And law school?!?!? How fun! I mean, I guess it's fun. It's fun that you have something to focus on! I think I'm doing child care at the membership class on Friday, so I'm sure I'll see y'all passing by! But I know y'all will be missed at home group!!!

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