Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Update...Yeah!

This weekend, we went to church. Ben and I are alternating writing sentences to give you an update on this past weekend, I think it should be pretty easy to follow whose is whose. Ashley is mean to me. Anywho, this weekend was the membership class at the Village Church, and we really enjoyed learning about everything the Village does and believes and are excited to become a part of it! I think our favorite part of the class was getting to listen to Steve Hardin, the Dallas campus pastor, talk because he is the most energetic guy we've ever heard in church, and he never really gets to the point of his message because he's so fired up! He does make some really great points eventually and you definitely cannot sit through one of his messages without getting excited too; I am beginning to think this free flow couples writing on the blog may be a one time only shindig!

I really suck at "free flow" writing, but that won't stop me from getting my 2 cents in. Oh perfection...we've been watching the Oscars tonight and really enjoyed the format this year. I feel like this year's show was much better than the BORING shows of years past, and I actually didn't lose interest after only an hour or so of watching. This is most likely because it was DVRed and Ben was constantly berating me to "forward faster" and "stop, stop, stop"; I think we watched the entire show in less than an hour and a half.

This is a unique way of blogging. All this to say, a very busy, very fun weekend was had: membership class; Clue with my little cousins while babysitting; Dinner and S'mores with Dallas friends (love the outdoor firepit Hencys); church; outlet mall shopping; Oscars; ended by the first joint blog attempt. Don't forget about the man we saw peeing behind a dumpster at the Regions Bank near Love Field while riding in the car with a 7 and 12 year old! about awkward; literally a 65 year old Mexican man (well dressed and complete with cowboy hat) urinating in one of those brick shells that are built to disguise dumpsters while we were trying to turn around in the alley behind the bank!!!! Topped off by Ash answering the question of her sweet 7-year old cousin by replying that the 2 men canoodling outside of Hunkie's Bar & Grill on Cedar Springs were just "funny friends."

This has been exhausting. Goodnight and God bless...I'm posting to end this madness!

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  1. love the blog ashley! ours is aka newton's newly wed nest! I told Heather I thought you should name yours Barr Hopping haha but Life at the Barrs makes more sense... I'm having you and Chey over for dinner as soon as our furniture gets here! hope you're having a great day!!