Saturday, April 3, 2010

Private School...

Lately in Dallas, I have been noticing the over abundance of children that attend private schools. I do not hate on my PA friends nor do I disagree with private school when the public school option is not so great; HOWEVER, I cannot imagine living in the Highland Park School District and sending your kids to private school. Will, the little boy I nannied for (for a week) has been accepted to a private preschool for 3 year olds on a contingency basis. He had to start his $7,000 a semester tuition a semester early so he will be prepared to join the other 3 year olds at such a high level in August! PUH-LEASE! Anywho, it was fun while it lasted.

Now, thankfully, I have picked up some regular babysitting jobs in the HP community while I am studying for the LSAT and hoping to get an internship at a non-profit, Girls Inc. Ben is still rocking it out in Detroit and we are trying to plan a vacation for June with our friends Ben and Hillary (hopefully to Northern California!). Ben says he needs a definite date so he can be looking forward to something other than Detroit...understandably so.

Also, it is the Mr.'s birthday on Tuesday and he doesn't have to leave for Detroit until then...which is good! Still thinking through how it is economical to fly someone to Detroit for only 2 days of work there....not sure!

More to come about this wonderful Easter Weekend with the in-laws! Looking forward to Easter Sunday!

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