Monday, May 17, 2010

OMG new APT!

Well, with the excitement of packing boxes, clearing out closets and planning and recording my cooking videos for the Paula Deen and Philadelphia Cream Cheese competition, we have been quite busy in the Big D lately!

I have been entering into the weekly competitions to try to win a trip to Savannah and a possible cohost spot on a web tv show! Below is the latest, and I think the funniest one of all! We have also recently moved to a new apartment! It is much bigger and less casheesh$! I am having fun this week getting everything set up and we are so thankful for all the help that our family, friends and homegroup gave us in moving boxes and getting into our new place. Just got the AT&T Cable and Internet hooked up today! I would recommend it. The man who came here to set it up made me feel better about my current semi-joblessness (although the full time nanny summer gig does start in 2 weeks). He graduated from LA Tech with a Marketing degree and has been installing cable for over a year! We kind of lamented our situations together for a much in common with the cable man these days! And HAPPY 35th ANNIVERSARY To my wonderful parents! I am so thankful for this example of enduring and lasting love.

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  1. This world is a better place now that you've posted this video! Harper and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it! I hope you win!!!