Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Happy birthday baby!"...thanks Will!

For my birthday, May 20th, I got the best birthday surprise I have ever received! A surprise weekend trip to New York City to see Wicked! WAHOO! Ben is not usually that good at surprises...for example he usually gets so excited he tells me the entire 'surprise' shortly after he plans it. But not this time!

I had really been wanting tickets to see Wicked because they were coming to Dallas, so he told me the Sunday before my birthday that he had gotten me tickets...I had no idea they were going to be at the Gershwin Theater on Broadway!!

We meet in NYC on Thursday night (my birthday) and went to dinner at the Spotted Pig. One of Ben's colleagues had told him that there was a high probability of maybe seeing famous people here since it was a local hot spot...and my head was on a swivel! Since I was the one looking out at the restaurant, I promised Ben I would not miss anyone of notoriety that passed by. After several false sightings of random television personalities...there was a mini commotion in the restaurant and I looked up from my plate in time to see a large, white man standing by the stairwell next to our table. "What was it?," I asked to the girls sitting next to us who were hurriedly texting away...."Beyonce, Jay-Z, Will and Jada Smith!" one girl replies!

OH MY GOODNESS! I have just missed seeing some of the most famous people in existence...but I would not let this opportunity pass! We had dessert and coffee and lingered, hoping they would come back out that way. Our waiter let us know that they would be leaving the side exit. Soooooooo, since Ben loves Jay-Z and I love seeing famous people...we waited about 30 minutes with the bodyguards outside! Sure enough, ten feet away walk out, this famous quad! From what I could surmise, the 'Z"s had taken the Smiths out to dinner and the Smiths were thankful, blah, blah, blah! And, before I could stop my self I begin my convo with Will Smith:

Me: "Will Smith!"

Will Smith: "hey, baby'

Me: "It's my Birthday!"

Will Smith: "Happy Birthday, baby!"

Me: "Thanks!"

Ben: "Take it Easy Man!"

Will Smith: "Alright"

So, basically, my birthday party with the Zs the Smiths and Ben was great!

On Friday we frolicked all over the North half of the island...to the Shake Shack, the Met, Vezzo's pizza (not a fan) and all through Central Park!

On Saturday we were a little sick from our indulgence of food the day before, so we layed low and rested up for WICKED!! It was an amazing show and we both loved it!

Sunday was the most New Yorky day! We wandered through the Village and all around Soho and by the Statue of Liberty! It was so fun to feel kind of like New Yorkers, we dressed in dark clothes and were even asked for directions a couple of times!

Although we looked ridiculous sitting at our side by side gates at the airport seeming nervous and scared....we were only sad to see this weekend go and each other head our respective ways....DTW and DFW! How I wish they would have gotten one of our letters switched! It felt kind of like Up in the Air, only with married people not skanky businessy ones!

What a wonderful birthday! Thank you so much Ben! I love you!

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